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The house, typical vernacular construction of the Algarve, has been refurbished by a young architect who planned a familiar atmosphere with modernity, elegance and rusticity.


Now it has eight suites and one housing unit with two bedrooms. The pool was projected in a way that resembles the typical old water tanks. The old wood oven has been a centennial witness and now flavors the peaceful set.

From the inside, each window reveals a different moment over the landscape and farm cultures.


The olive and carob trees along with the holmoaks are the living testimony of the evolution of the farm, where now the green mantle of young pine trees stands out, mixed with the almost golden tones of the earth.


The vineyard, the organic garden and the vast orange grove, enjoy a perfect combination of highly mineralized clay soil and the Mediterranean climate, tempered by the strong maritime influence.


The result is high quality products, harvested seasonally.



To this land of affections, scents and traditions we added the knowledge...


Here, where as a child we played in the river, where the trees have been shelter to teenage years, and where the clearings have been the scenery to our grandchildren playtime, we remain truthfully to the philosophy of craft production coupled with the knowledge of the people.


With an innovative mindset, we have invested in projects that respect the environment, and favor the recovery of native species.


This farm, set in the Natural reserve of the Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Sto António, represents a dream come true: the rebirth of an unique and almost forgotten place.


From the beginning it was our goal to preserve the very own characteristic biodiversity of the region as well as self sustainability.


Therefore we are able to enjoy every true nature pleasures.



(“When a piece of land is a piece of everything”)


T: +351 281 511 510

T: +351 962 269 529

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